200 days of development on the Internet

Created 13-02-2018

Dear investors and partners of Grant Epos LTD!

Not so long ago, the Grant-Epos investment project has celebrated 100 days of its successful work, but time does not stand still and we came closer to another more significant date - 200 days since the project launch. All this time we have been actively working and developing in order to ensure you a stable income. Investors and partners who worked closely with Grant-Epos during that time had passed with us the global development path, and we are very grateful to you for your contribution. On our part, we have provided you with a unique passive income opportunity - during the working period of the project you have already managed to earn 180% of the profits!

After watching the video presentation of the Grant Epos project, in which the company management in the CIS countries told about further development plans, you probably learned that the project set itself great goals. We are pleased to inform you that we are making significant progress and you will see for yourself soon. Today we are all on the threshold of big discoveries that will allow the project to take the leading positions on the market. We have done a great deal of work to improve trade strategies and analysis of the instruments. In addition, many new specialists have joined our team - true professionals in Forex and cryptocurrency trading, venture capital investments, which are start-ups and ICO. During our work, we have reached a new level and we won’t rest on our laurels - we have already begun to realize our further grandiose plans.

In the near future, the Grant Epos project will be fully upgraded. The essence of this upgrade is not only to change tariff plans and terms of partnership - we want to create comfortable conditions for successful cooperation with investors, to develop actively and to take a leading position on the international market. Due to the fact that we managed to significantly increase the company's resources, we were able to continue developing our project and changing the terms of cooperation with investors, which we begin with the opening of new tariff plans.

To enable the Grant-Epos website operate at a new level, we have prepared a number of technical modifications that will ensure stable and secure operation during the active attendance of the website. Our experts have developed a unique script that will work properly and effectively withstand various hacker attacks. This is only a small part of the upgrades that the project will receive in the future, as we set ourselves ambitious goals that we are going to achieve with you - investors who believed in the project at the initial stages of its work. Stay with Grant-Epos and you will be able to achieve financial independence and confidence in the future!

Updated investment plans

Created 12-02-2018

Hello, dear investors and partners of the Grant-Epos project!

We inform you that our investment project has passed the test stage of its work with the tariff plans, which were submitted to work initially. Our specialists have developed a strategy aimed at increasing profits, and its primary task was the bank expansion, as well as planning of a new investment model and cooperation with investors. At the moment, after a 200-day working period, we have developed new tariff plans aimed at profit maximization and now we are ready to present them to you. In the future, the project expects a global update, which will provide an opportunity to earn higher profits and cooperate on terms that are more beneficial.

Updated investment plans

24% within a 30-day period
Daily rate - 0.8%
Investment period - 30 days
$10.00 - $1,000.00

50% within a 50-day period
Daily rate - 1%
Investment period - 50 days
$1,000.01 - $3,000.00

84% within a 70-day period
Daily rate - 1,2%
Investment period - 70 days
$3,000.01 - $6,000.00

Best regards, the Grant-Epos project team.

100 days of development on the Internet

Created 04-11-2017

Dear investors and partners️!

The "Grant-Epos LTD" Company is celebrating its anniversary - 100 days of development on the Internet.
We congratulate and thank each of you!

Your help has helped us to achieve our first goal - to assert ourselves on the Internet. Our next task is to
take the leading positions in the fiduciary management sphere. The analysis of the market showed that
the company has all the capabilities, means and tools to implement the plans!

In addition, Grant-Epos is preparing innovations, and they will please each of you! Follow our upcoming

Just remember: the foundation for future success is being laid now. Join us today to be among leads

With respect, "Grant-Epos LTD"

Service test is successful

Created 02-08-2017

We would like to announce the successful testing of the new Grant Epos service. Receipt of funds and investors’ deposits are performed in normal mode. Our investors have already received their firs profit percentage. Moreover, new advertising material for referral attraction have also been added. Partner reward percentage is credited is accrued stably. Technical support service works operatively. Join our project and make your dreams come true! Don’t miss important news, follow the information on the company’s website:

New payment system are available

Created 01-08-2017

Hello dear Great Epos investors and partners! We are glad to announce you the connection of the most popular payment systems. From now on you can to replenish/withdraw deposits, cash out your profit through Payeer, PerfectMoney, AdvCash и Bitcoin.
We work round-the-clock on our service to provide our clients with comfort conditions.
Thank you for your cooperation and trust!

Official launch of the project

Created 30-07-2017

Esteemed investors and partners! We are pleased to inform that on the 30.07.2017 the Grant-Epos company was successfully launched on the Internet. From this day forth privet individuals can make payments to the Grant-Epos fiduciary management. Beneficial investment conditions are available to the public: within 50 days you will be able to increase your assets by 30%, within 150 days by 180%. Percentage is credited daily, a full refund of deposits is carried out after the end of its term.
Financial market is a fast changing instrument of profit-making. To achieve a stable success the Grant Epos team daily conducts a great work on monitoring , improves investment and trading strategies. We did a tremendous work and put a team of highly qualified specialists together. Among them are experienced financial analysts, professional currency and cryptocurrency traders, managers with great experience and ability to face up to complex challenges.
Active partners are provided with a profitable affiliate program. Register and participate absolutely for free. For each new client our partners receive up to 7% of profit from the amount of referral’s deposit. Becoming an active leader you will be able to start working with Grant Epos without investments. Make right decisions, register and become a part of successful investors!