Investment plans

Everyone can become an investor. To get passive income in our project you don’t need to have any special education or investment skills. The only thing you need to do is to choose the optimal tariff plan, our team of professional will do all the work for you.

In contrast to simple transfer of funds to fiduciary management, general portfolio capital gives guaranties of safety of your investments and allows you to plan and have control over the results.

Grant-Epos general portfolio capital consists of 4 tariff plans. Each of them offers investors special conditions:

For beginners our project provides special “Bronze” tariff plan. Having only $10 it’s possible to make a deposit and get your first profit the next day.

"Silver", "Gold" and "Diamond" tariff plans are designed for more experienced investors. The longer the term of deposit the more chance has the team of professional to multiply the sum invested by the project member. Total deposit amount is returned after the expiration of the term of deposit.

Unlike many other, we don’t use only one direction. We work with several forward-looking directions, allowing us and our partners to be confident in our success.

  • FOREX market occupies major share. It combines portfolios of aggressive and conservative growth and is aimed at obtaining maximum profit.
  • Trading on the crypto-currency market – portfolio of aggressive growth. Members who have this portfolio also aimed at obtaining possible gains.
  • Startups act as portfolio of growth. The administration of the project selects only cost effective and profit-yielding startups. Possession of securities in total increases your capital at the expense of revenue.